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PDF Architect 9.0.27 Crack With Torrent

PDF Architect crack

PDF Architect Crack is an application for the editing of any type of file if you want to delete the data after converting it into PDF you can delete and if you want to replace the data you can replace it. And if you want to change the only heading you can change you can edit the data in the same way as you do in word you can put the logo, you can set the background text you can also insert the pictures and can save the data permanently.  Plus, and can retrieve with one click.

And if you want to put the password on the PDF files because these PDF files have more sensitive data or videos or pictures. Then you can also set your files with higher security you can put the passwords in the pattern form in the numbers and if you want to get suggestions of strong passwords. You can also get the passwords and can enjoy the security.

Uses of this app:

After converting the data into this app or PDF you can set up the space or text alignment or other things you can apply the shading on the heading if you want.  if you want to set the 0.5 space you can click on the menu bar, you can set the same can set 1.5 space, or also can use the other option according to your text requirements. If you are not satisfied with the existing text alignment. You can set it in new ways.

Not only this, but if you have different document files in the PDF. And you want to merge these. And want to set up one long file. You can also set and if you want to separate the different pages from the one file. You can separate each page. And then you can get the screenshot of these documents or you can share them directly without saving them.


If you have large files and you are unable to set the pages or make the sequence of the pages. You can drag all PDF pages in this app then this app will arrange the pages. And if you want to set the header or footer of the PDF pages you can also set you will not need to convert them back to these pages. And then set it in news but you can set it directly.

PDF Architect Key

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  • One of the best other advantages of this app is that you can drag the text in this app to remove grammar mistakes or spelling mistakes. And can recover your data free from errors and grammar mistakes.
  • if you delete the data after converting to this app. Then you will not need to worry because you can recover the data within a second and the data will be free from malware or hackers.


The best platform to test your documents:

One of the best apps can not only correct the mistakes of your documents. But when you convert the data this app will do the full analysis of the data. And make your document full of filters.

This can give a professional look at your documents:

With this app you can use can make your documents completely professional with one click.


With this app, you can also convert the data from PDF to MS Word or if you want to convert the data into MS Excel or  PowerPoint. You can convert this process you can do easily with this straightforward interface. Through this app, you can also change the formats of the documents. You can also change the size or the format. No issue if you have the documents in PDF.

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